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Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care in the Time of COVID-19: The Impact to Caregivers

By The Clearday Research Team

There are many factors complicating Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care. A global pandemic in recent years has certainly been one of them. 

Social isolation was already common as caregivers prioritized caregiving over socialization, but COVID-19 has amplified the feeling of isolation for both caregiver and care recipient. There has been a rise in stress, isolation, and mental health related concerns such as depression and anxiety.

The Impact to Caregivers

Systemic care model changes due to COVID-19 have complicated care and promoted Alzheimer’s and Dementia progression. Delayed care, lack of staffing, and fears of infection risks have increased overall health risks for everyone, not just those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Families struggle with the decision to seek out healthcare due to infection risks. Many families, scared of long-term care facility environments, are forcing themselves to become unintentional caregivers. Many professional caregivers have refused to provide care citing infection risk, a lack of PPE and accessible testing early in the pandemic. Staffing shortages reduce care quality and delay care for outpatient appointments and family caregivers cannot access daycare centers and other programs for a much needed break.

77% caregivers say stress is higher since COVID restrictions started. 75% caregivers feel more isolated than before COVID pandemic (UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, 2020).

20% of caregivers feeling their own physical/mental health decline has affected their ability to care for their loved one. (UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, 2020). 

27% say they have less family support for caregiving, 20% have less access to adult day care (UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, 2020)

In Summary 

COVID-19 has complicated the way families seek assistance with Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care. Support for caregivers and patients ranging from mental and physical activity ideas, virtual socialization, daily routine planning, and disease symptom progression monitoring are all vital, especially in times like these. To learn more about Clearday’s full offerings and resources, click here.

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