Creating the future
of longevity care.

The Care Crisis


The massive, pressing and expensive longevity care crisis facing operators, families, and our aging populations is underserved by fragmented and siloed solutions with no market leader.


72 million

There are currently 72 million Americans over age 65.


10,000 more will turn 65 every day for the 
next decade.


90% of seniors plan to age at home for the next 5-10 years.

We are in an ongoing and worsening global aging crisis.

Who will provide them with care? How? Where? For how much?

Autonomously providing care.

3 more daily interactions with companion robotics. Automatic recognition enables continuous observation of high-risk populations, keeps patients engaged, and alerts staff to issues.


An in-home, digital care offering

Clearday Virtual is a breakthrough digital service that helps families more confidently manage dementia & Alzheimer’s care at home.

Clearday Virtual Tablet

A superior, membership-based daytime care option

Clearday Clubs™ are membership-based, daytime destinations that enrich the lives of those with cognitive deficit conditions.

Clubs Circle

A foundation of care expertise and innovation

Clearday Living Centers are our network of Cognitive Enrichment Communities™ that combine leading edge innovation and best-in-class residential care for those with cognitive deficit conditions.


We are on a mission.

We believe that the longevity care market is ready for transformative, new models that are more affordable, accessible, and convenient, but without sacrificing a high standard of care. And we’re doing something about it.