Creating the future
of longevity care.

The Longevity Care Crisis


There is a widening gap between the longevity care needs of older Americans and the availability of affordable, high-quality care options.


72 million

There are currently 72 million Americans over age 65.


10,000 more will turn 65 every day for the 
next decade.


90% of seniors plan to age at home for the next 5-10 years.


Annual growth of professional caregiver supply


Annual growth of demand for dementia caregivers


Annual growth of demand for professional caregivers

If 90% of seniors age at home instead of opting for residential communities...

Who will provide them with care? How? Where? For how much?

A New Continuum of Care

Clearday™ businesses provide transformative new care models that extend the ability for those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other cognitive deficit conditions to live at home - and delay the need for residential care.

A transformational digital care offering that supports aging in place

Clearday at Home™ is a breakthrough digital service that helps families more confidently manage dementia & Alzheimer’s care at home.


A superior, membership-based daytime care option

Clearday Clubs™ are membership-based, daytime destinations that enrich the lives of those with cognitive deficit conditions.


A foundation of care expertise and innovation

Memory Care America is our network of Cognitive Enrichment Communities™ that combine continuous innovation and best-in-class residential care for those with cognitive deficit conditions.


We are on a mission.

We believe that the longevity care market is ready for transformative, new models that are more affordable, accessible, and convenient, but without sacrificing a high standard of care. And we’re doing something about it.