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A fully autonomous robot built to help you provide the best care in the world.

Mitra is the best-in-class robotic companion powered by proprietary AI that’s designed to address the issues faced by people with Alzheimer’s and dementia—as well as their caregivers. Mitra provides valuable assistance through its AI, remote fleet management by real humans with health care training, proprietary Clearday Virtual’s care management content, and proprietary staff support and training.

Improving Patient Experince and Supporting Medical Staff with:

Emergency & Fall Detection






Companionship & Conversation



Personalized Content.
Powered by Clearday.

Mitra fleets come fully loaded with Clearday Virtual - our unique, proprietary, engaging care management software featuring a library of videos and activities (your Library of Congress for Care) designed by Clearday’s memory care experts to support those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

  • Cloud-Based Software
  • Continuously Updated Content Library
  • Designed by Memory Care Experts
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What Mitra
Means For You

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Purpose-Built for Care

Mitra was designed by care professionals that have decades of experience in caring for seniors in a variety of facilities.

24/7 Human Support

Mitra comes with a 24/7 team of human fleet managers that support features like fall detection, patient monitoring, engagement and performance.

Daily Activites & Entertainment

In addition to recgonizing and engaging with companions, Mitra comes equipped with Clearday Virtual—a video library of activites designed by memory care experts to support cognitive health.

Experience a new generation of care with Mitra.

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Peace of Mind with Fleet Management

Our fleet management includes remote 24/7 human operators that supervise the robot controls and operations to enhance monitoring, engagement, and performance. In addition to providing technical support, Mitra’s fleet managers will work with your care staff and supervisors to enhance and empower caregivers and provide the best in class user experiences.

Customize Mitra to Fit Your Needs

Whether you’re interested in a personal Mitra for in-home care, a fleet for your Skilled Care Facility, or to support TeleHealth operations — Mitra is fully customizable to meet you where you are.
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Mitra at Home

Mitra helps people Age in Place by offering support, companionship, and daily engagement customized for your needs.

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Skilled Care & Other Facilities

Mitra helps communities provide better care by engaging with residents, supporting their care teams.

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TeleHealth Support

Mitra’s functionality seamlessly supports a variety of TeleHealth operations and care teams.

Discover how Mitra can help you provide the best care possible.