The Clearday Story

Clearday is an innovative longevity care and wellness company, with a modern, hopeful vision for making high quality care options more accessible, affordable, and empowering for older Americans and those who love them.

See More About Clearday & the Future of Care

Jim Walesa, Founder and CEO of Clearday, addresses challenges in the care industry and how Clearday's Mitra ishelping to meet those challenges.

Clearday Looks to the Future of Healthcare - October 2022 Update

Learn about the Clearday Way and how we provide a continuum of care that meets people wherever they are in their diagnosis by offering supportive technology, specialized memory care, and residences that people actually want to call home.

The Mitra robot is one of the innovative care solutions being utilized by Clearday.

Clearday Solutions

Learn about Clearday's spectrum of innovative longevity care solutions for aging in place.

The Clearday Opportunity

Learn about the challenges facing the care industry and  how Clearday's innovative solutions help older Americans Age in Place.

A Message from The Chairman

Jim Walesa, Founder and CEO of Clearday, addresses shareholders after completion of the merger transaction.

The Future of Longevity Care

Clearday is a healthcare services company offering products and services care across the new continuum of care that are designed to support people living at home as long as possible.

The New Mandate

We’re listening to the market and it is telling us that people want to stay at home and age in place. Clearday’s products and services are designed to help them do just that.

A Bright Future

The longevity care market is ripe for disruption. Clearday is leading the charge by changing how care is delivered.

Overcoming Obstacles

The pandemic was a catalyst for adopting new standards of safety in Clearday communities. These investments, while capital intensive, have already begun reaping benefits.

Transforming Tomorrow

Clearday is transforming its physical footprint and taking a modern approach to its brick and mortar locations by utilizing them as centers for innovation and development of new products and services.

Superior Value Proposition

Clearday is capitalizing on opportunities in the B2C, B2B, and B2B2C markets by delivering better outcomes at a lower cost through its digital products and services.