Communications with the Board of Directors

Parties who wish to communicate with the board or with a particular director may send a letter to the Secretary of the Company at Clearday, Inc., 8800 Village Drive, Suite 106, San Antonio, Texas  78217. The mailing envelope should contain a clear notation indicating that the enclosed letter is a "Board Communication" or "Director Communication." All such letters should state whether the intended recipients are all members of the board or just certain specified individual directors. The Secretary will circulate the communications (with the exception of commercial solicitations) to the appropriate director or directors. Communications marked "Confidential "will be forwarded unopened.

Committees of the Board

Governance &
Nominating Committee
Elizabeth M. Caveness ^* *
Alan Channing * * ^*
Jeffrey A. Coleman * *
Richard Levychin ^*

* = Is an independent director under the rules of the SEC and the listing standards.
^ = Chair of the Committee