About Clearday

We're on a mission.

We have a modern, hopeful vision for making high-quality longevity care more accessible, affordable, and empowering for older Americans and those who love and care for them.

And we're doing something about it.

Next-generation solutions designed for aging in place

Based on our deep expertise in residential memory care and extensive primary research with unpaid caregivers, we’ve developed two next-generation care concepts that are designed to improve everyday life for those with cognitive deficit conditions and those who care for them at home.

In-home, virtual daily care services

Our Clearday at Home™ digital care service combines outstanding cognitive enrichment activities and programming, personalized monthly cognitive assessments and care plans, and extensive caregiver support, to help make daily life more positive and manageable in the home environment.

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Membership-based daily care destinations

Targeted for launch in late 2021, our Clearday Clubs™ are next-generation daily care destinations that provide cognitive enrichment services and positive social outlets for adults with Alzheimer’s or other dementias, while providing welcome support and independence to family caregivers.

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Positioned to address larger industry challenges

We believe our virtual care offering – Clearday at Home™ – can be an engine for helping other care service providers and a broader universe of employers to more effectively manage the immense challenges that arise from the Longevity Care Crisis.


Home Care

We believe Clearday at Home™ can help home care agencies deliver a more consistent, higher quality of cognitive care, create tighter relationships with families, and improve their ability to hire, train, and retain quality care workers.

Residential Care

We believe that Clearday at Home™ can augment the daily activities and programming provided in residential care environments, enabling these communities to continue delivering exceptional cognitive care in a challenging labor environment.


With caregiver absenteeism costing the U.S. economy an estimated $25 billion annually in lost productivity, we believe Clearday at Home™ can be offered as a valuable employee benefit that eases employee care burdens and enhances productivity and retention.

Memory Care America:
A foundation of cognitive care innovation

In addition to providing outstanding residential memory care services, our Memory Care America communities are our foundation for the development and launch of next-generation care offerings like Clearday at Home™ and Clearday Clubs™, as well as the underlying training, best practices, and innovation that power them, including:

Technicians of
Cognitive Care™

Our continuously optimized, comprehensive training curriculum for cognitive caregivers, Technicians of Cognitive Care™ empowers our staff and family caregivers – across our platforms - with the latest care protocols and life enrichment techniques for serving those with cognitive deficit conditions.

Clearday BEST

Our proprietary assessment for determining the life enrichment and care needs of individuals exhibiting cognitive deficit disorders, Clearday Behavior Engagement Stimulation Temperament (BEST) Test enables our care programs to be tailored to the specific needs of every individual we serve, whether at home, in a Club environment, or in our residential communities.

monthly care plans

In our residential communities, we use the BEST Test to create personalized monthly care plans for each resident, which are shared with their families. With Clearday at Home™, we’ve enabled this same monthly personalized care program, so that it can empower family caregivers to keep their loved ones happier, healthier, and more engaged on a daily basis.

Cognitive enrichment
therapies and programs

In our residential communities, we continuously develop and test new therapies and programs focused on increasing engagement, neutralizing problematic behaviors, enhancing mobility, and improving the quality of daily life for our residents. Now those innovations can be shared across our next-generation at-home and Club services.

The Clearday Way™


We’ve captured our vision for Clearday in a set of key principles. We call it the Clearday Way, and it guides everything we do.



Provide our members with safe, positive, community-based environments that increase their independence, social engagement, and overall well-being.


Deliver personalized programming and therapies that prolong our members’ ability to live at home, rather than transitioning to full-time residential care.


Give our members’ families  the comfort of knowing their loved ones are enjoying their days with us, whether at home, in a daily care Club, or in one of our living centers.


Reduce economic anxiety for our members
and their families by offering fantastic new
care options at a fraction of the price of residential care.


Create innovative work environments, empowering development programs, and a purpose-driven culture that attracts and retains the highest quality caregiving staff.