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Are PCPs Ready to Meet the Growing Demand of Dementia Care?

By The Clearday Research Team

Many healthcare professionals face the challenges of maintaining patient safety, especially when it comes to those who suffer from dementia. A lack of training and education on this complicated, chronic disease along with the severe shortage of dementia specialists, contributes to staff feeling ill-equipped to properly care for this particularly vulnerable group.

“We cannot look after these patients the way they should be looked after based on the fact that we don’t have the staff to do it.”

Dementia care patients require extra time and personalized attention to reduce their cognitive symptoms and decline, but hospital personnel are too overstretched to provide it (George, 2013). Hospital dynamics require a rotating staff of nurses and physicians, less quality time per patient. “We cannot look after these patients the way they should be looked after based on the fact that we don’t have the staff to do it.” (Yous et. al, 2019)

Hospital care culture generally focuses on acute care treatment over psychological treatment and social activities that dementia care patients require (Gwernan-Jones et. al, 2020) “… a lot of the nurses are involved with patients who have acute medical needs and oftentimes they’re busy with these patients who are acutely ill. And in the meantime, something is happening with these patients with the responsive behaviors because there is nobody to supervise or assist them …” (Yous et. al, 2019)

Here at CleardayTM, we believe that home care professionals and those facing cognitive issues alike should not face the consequences of a strained system with parts that can compromise care or fail to provide superior services. That’s why we are creating opportunities to better prepare and empower home care workers and provide these front line workers with the confidence they need to provide excellent services enabling people to feel comfortable they’re getting the care they deserve. See how CleardayTM helps by clicking here.

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