Commonly Neglected Senior Health Problems

Health issues such as pain, stress, and memory loss are often neglected among the aging population. Although a big part of this population, around 80%, suffers from chronic diseases, minor health problems also pose a great risk to the overall well-being of the 50+ population. 

In most cases, these neglected health issues are more dangerous than they look. When not taken care of, they affect the ability to socialize and perform physical activities, which in turn also creates a burden for caregivers.

As we become more aware of issues affecting the aging population, we’re building tools to address them in lead step. Some issues to keep in mind…

Memory Loss 

There are different types of health issues related to memory, some of which can be addressed with ongoing activity and stimulation. While memory loss is associated with age, it can also be the effect of an existing disease that is left untreated, such as thyroid problems. 

The best way to treat memory concerns is to get evaluated. When we know what truly causes such memory disruption, this issue can be treated holistically allowing more time for independence. 


Falls are common among the aging population as well. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there was an increasing rate of 30% in fall death rates from 2009 to 2018. If insufficient balance and strength are treated, this rate could be reduced.

It’s also common to develop a fear of falling with age, which can decrease functional ability and quality of life. Again, the best way to treat this is to have a holistic approach that increases longevity and focuses on the patient’s unique needs.


Pain in different parts of the body is common among all ages, and especially the 50+ population. Luckily, there are many strategies to avoid this health issue through non-drug treatments. Exercise, physical therapy, and psychotherapy can help relieve pain and again, extend independence and time spent thriving at home.

Medication problems 

Around 177,000 senior citizens are rushed to emergency rooms annually due to medication problems, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Polypharmacy or taking multiple medications can cause medical issues, with possible drug interactions, or accidental overdose. Tools such as custom reminders can help prevent these accidents that hold severe consequences.

Here at Clearday, we value the overall well-being of adults as they age, keeping in mind that each person has a unique set of aging needs. See how we help here.  

By Clearday Research Team

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