Projections of Older Adults Population

Creating a Future in Longevity Care

By Clearday Research Team

10,000 Americans turn 65 every day. 35 million people per year in the U.S. provide unpaid care to an adult over 50. While there are 28,650 residential care communities in the United States, the problem is— no one wants to live in them. 

Memory care related diseases create high-risk patient populations, increasing the threat of readmissions and complications in care. Persons with dementia use healthcare services two to five times more than their peers without dementia and compared to those without dementia, persons with dementia had a significantly higher rate of readmission. Alzheimer’s patients are more likely to fall than older adults without cognitive impairment, and deaths related to memory care are on the rise, while others (HIV, strokes, heart attacks) have fallen precipitously.

On top of that, across the continuum, clinicians struggle to meet the unique needs of memory care patients. Alzheimer’s and memory-related disorders create a compounding negative effect for clinicians delivering even baseline care. From primary care physicians to inpatient care venues, traditional patient education and engagement techniques are insufficient for memory care patients. Distinct disruptive behavioral and psychological conditions (e.g. agitation, aggressiveness, balance disturbances) complicate basic care. Med adherence, fall prevention, nutrition, and discharge planning all require additional support with memory care patients. 

With 90% of U.S. seniors planning to stay in their own home for the next 5-10 years, care offerings must evolve to support aging in place, until it’s no longer possible for loved ones to live safely at home.

For 42 million family caregivers, Clearday offers a reliable way to support aging in place for longer. By providing the resources and confidence to manage in-home care and delay the need for out-of-home care, aging at home is vastly more affordable. Clearday™ was founded as a response to the widening gap between the longevity care needs of older Americans and the availability of affordable, high-quality care options. We believe that the longevity care market is ready for transformative, new models that are more affordable, accessible, and convenient, but without sacrificing a high standard of care. And we’re doing something about it.  See how Clearday™ is helping here.

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