Memory Care

Innovative cognitive care that makes the most of every day.

When a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia can no longer live safely at home, Clearday’s Memory Care America living centers offer exceptional cognitive care that willhelp them make the most of every day.


Our Living Centers

Clearday’s Memory Care America living centers are recognized in their respective communities as the premier residential cognitive care provider, with an unmatched combination of personalized care, innovative programs, and leading safety practices.


A better approach to residential memory care

Our unique approach differentiates our living centers from traditional nursing care, so our residents live a more fulfilling, engaging daily life in an environment of unsurpassed safety.


Holistic programs to improve quality of life

While there isn’t a cure for Alzheimer’s and dementia, our goal is to slow its progression, enhance every moment, and continuously emphasize quality of life for each of our residents.


Innovation that powers next-generation care services

Our Memory Care America living centers are the foundation for the development and launch of our next-generation care offerings Clearday at Home and Clearday Clubs, as well as the underlying training, best practices, and innovation that powers them.

Technicians of
Cognitive Care™

Our continuously optimized, comprehensive training curriculum for cognitive caregivers, Technicians of Cognitive Care empowers our staff and family caregivers – across our platforms - with the latest care protocols and life enrichment techniques for serving those with cognitive deficit conditions.

Clearday BEST

Our proprietary assessment for determining the life enrichment and care needs of individuals exhibiting cognitive deficit disorders, Clearday Behavior Engagement Stimulation Temperament (BEST) Test enables our care programs to be tailored to the specific needs of every individual we serve, whether at home, in a Club environment, or in our residential communities.

monthly care plans

In our living centers, we use the BEST Test to create personalized care plans for each resident, which are shared with their families. Based on these best practices, we’ve nowenabled this same monthly personalized care program in our Clearday at Home service, so that it can empower family caregivers to keep their loved ones happier, healthier, and more engaged on a daily basis.

Cognitive enrichment
therapies and programs

In our living centers, we continuously develop and test new therapies and programs focused on increasing engagement, neutralizing problematic behaviors, enhancing mobility, and improving the quality of daily life for our residents. Now those innovations can be shared across our next-generation at-home and Club services.