Toi Labs’ TrueLoo® Provides Real-Time Precision Data Collection and Analysis

Naples, FL, Feb. 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Clearday Living, a business unit of Clearday (OTCQX CLRD) a long-term care provider and leader in cognitive care with a unique focus on innovation, has implemented the TrueLoo® smart toilet seat in select resident rooms at its Naples Florida Innovation Center. Use of this cutting-edge technology is another example of how Clearday Living is continually tapping into innovative ideas and products to improve the lives of residents in its Innovation Center. Clearday Living first tested TrueLoo® nearly a year ago in its community in Naples to utilize this new toilet technology from Toi Labs.

The smart toilet seat helps identify abnormal waste patterns that often indicate health issues and may help reduce the risk and impact of certain chronic diseases or conditions. According to Toi Labs, TrueLoo® has helped reduce falls by 32%. Additionally, TrueLoo® reduces the need for nursing staff to observe, interpret, remember, and document stool and urine eliminations. This allows staff to focus more time on caring for residents without missing important health data. Providing daily and weekly reports of bowel and bladder patterns enables early interventions by Clearday Living staff.

“Previously, our care team personally and closely monitored a newly admitted resident’s toileting for several days. This step can now be automated using this powerful, innovative technology. Said technology can provide early detection of any changes, fewer reporting errors are made by the staff and any necessary change can be implemented immediately,” stated Linda Carrasco, Executive Vice President, Resident Care. “The use of this technology prevents issues which can be caught earlier thereby improving the resident’s wellness and the resident, their family, our staff and our facility highly benefit from its implementation.”

TrueLoo® provides automated real-time data collection and analysis, offering insights into residents’ wellness. This smart toilet seat is equipped with advanced sensors that non-invasively monitor intake levels, stool and urine contents, and other vital health metrics without any burden to the user. These insights can point to early warning signs of abnormalities that have been shown to be associated with chronic conditions, which can progress into more significant health issues that may lead to emergency room visits or hospitalizations.

“Clearday Living’s commitment to integrating innovative technologies into their care models aligns perfectly with our mission at Toi Labs,” said Vik Kashyap, CEO of Toi Labs. “TrueLoo’s comprehensive health monitoring has not only alleviated pressure on their incredible staff but also enabled more dignified, proactive care.”

CEO James Walesa: “Clearday Living, known for its mission to serve elders with innovative, person-centered care, is continuously seeking new ways to proactively improve wellness for its residents. This structure marks another significant effort toward integrating technology into their high-quality care, enhancing staff support, and fostering a nurturing and comfortable living environment.”

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Clearday is a publicly traded innovative non-acute longevity healthcare services company with a modern, hopeful vision for making high-quality care options more accessible, affordable, and empowering for older Americans and those who love and care for them and is dedicated to enhancing the lives of adults through innovative cognitive care solutions. With a focus on personalized care and groundbreaking technology, Clearday is at the forefront of redefining the standards of senior living. Clearday has a decade-long experience in non-acute care. Clearday at Home – its digital service – brings Clearday to the intersection of telehealth, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and subscription-based content. Learn more about Clearday at

About Toi Labs

Toi Labs, a global pioneer in digital health technology, has developed TrueLoo®, an AI-powered toilet seat that continuously monitors health through biometrics and precision waste data. Every year, millions of older adults are hospitalized due to conditions that can be seen in their stool and urine. TrueLoo® records and analyzes all toilet activity 24/7 without need for any human observation or documentation, and is in use at more than 44 senior communities across North America. For more information, please visit

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Clearday Living is a residential care community focused on all forms of dementia. The community is dedicated to providing innovative care. The community provides 24-hour care. We focus on empowering our employees by providing technology that supports a better resident experience, a more empowered caregiver and satisfied family. The community is located at 2626 Goodlette Frank Road, Naples, Florida.

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