Projections of Older Adults Population

Political Boost for Eldercare

By Clearday Research Team

Earlier this year the Biden administration called on Congress to put $400 billion toward expanding access to home or community-based care for aging relatives and people with disabilities. It’s widely agreed upon that it is of utmost importance to help older adults and people with disabilities remain independent as long as possible. But as a nation, are we prepared to do what’s necessary to make this possible?

About 800,000 people are on wait lists to receive subsidized home care. Finding reliable and affordable assistance to stay at home — instead of moving into a nursing home, where COVID-19 killed tens of thousands of people — has never seemed more urgent for the family members of those suffering from cognitive decline. Not only will this initiative help fund services such as eating and bathing, it has fueled a nationwide conversation about how the country cares for older adults and inevitably accelerating efforts to give people more options of places to live outside of institutional facilities. That’s why the push to substantially expand in-home healthcare services was one of the last, and we believe one of the most important, provisions added to the jobs plan. 

People who need a considerable amount of ongoing assistance are feeling particularly relieved from this historic opportunity. This will assuredly help these individuals substantially with setting up the framework that’s necessary in receiving proper care. 

Here at Clearday™, we’re elated to see that the nation is taking strides to help those who suffer from Alzheimer’s so that they feel heard and supported. We understand the endless struggle these individuals face on a daily basis, which is why we strive for our spaces to not only be peaceful and relaxing, but to provide enough room for each member to find their own best routine along with being overseen by loving, experienced Club staff. See how we help here.

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