Projections of Older Adults Population

Startup Efforts to Serve Our Fast-Growing Aging Population

By Clearday Research Team

According to the U.S Census Bureau, studies show that the 65-and-older population continues to grow rapidly. In fact, in certain states, one in five people were shown to be over 65, and in many regions the population aged 65 will double by 2050. As we find ourselves in the midst of this longevity revolution, the urge for seniors to age comfortably at home only continues to increase. That’s why startups and venture investors, who are very much opportunists cognizant of growth markets, are scaling up efforts to serve our fast-growing aging population. 

Over half a billion dollars have already been invested in home health care by venture capitalists, thus the funding comes at an opportune time as more seniors with cognitive decline are opting to stay put. Some of the funded companies’ primary focus is a platform to connect older adults with people to provide companionship and assistance, while others help seniors make safety upgrades to their homes. Because COVID-19 fueled demand for at-home and remotely delivered health care, these startups are directly supporting these individuals to live their best lives, be active, and prevent health mishaps while staying in their own home.

Here at Clearday™, we understand the desire of aging comfortably at home, which is why we have made it our utmost priority to create virtual, cognitive care services that improve quality of life – at your fingertips. See how we help here.

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