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The Benefits of Delaying One Month of Residential Care

By Clearday Research Team

The benefits of delaying one month of residential care seem to be endless, especially when it comes to the high costs associated with care. 

Home care allows for a more intimate, one-on-one care and contact with the caregiver. Seniors are able to remain as self-sufficient as possible rather than having to entrust fundamental activities to nursing home staff. On top of that, in-home care is frequently less expensive than out-of-home care. There are also several quality of life and care benefits of delaying residential care beyond just the monetary savings. 

For 42 million family caregivers, Clearday offers a reliable way to support aging in place, for longer. Clearday at Home provides the resources and confidence to manage in-home care and delay the cost of out-home-care — keeping your employees focused, productive, and engaged and family members suffering from dementia safe, happy and comfortable.  See how Clearday helps here. 

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