Projections of Older Adults Population

Trends in Alzheimer’s Disease

By The Clearday Research Team

6.2M Americans are living with Alzheimer’s Disease. 

By 2025, the number of Americans age 65 and older living with Alzheimer’s Disease is projected to increase by 16% reaching 7.2 million. By 2060, this number is projected to reach 13.8 million more than double the number of those living with Alzheimer’s Disease today. (AD Facts and Figures, 2021)

Along with an aging population, the American population is shifting to living longer. This includes people with Alzheimer’s Disease living longer and needing care while new cases are diagnosed daily. (AD Facts and Figures, 2021)

Another reason for the anticipated increase in those living with Alzheimer’s Disease in the years to come is the prevalence of cases is expected to grow. Barring the development of medical breakthroughs to prevent, slow or cure Alzheimer’s disease, the prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease is expected to increase between 6.7% and 33.3% across US states from 2020 to 2025 (AD Facts and Figures, 2021). 

Finally stats on cases and deaths related to or with Alzheimer’s Disease are expected to increase as reporting becomes more commonplace. Between 2000 and 2019, the number of deaths from Alzheimer’s disease as recorded on death certificates more than doubled, increasing 145.2% (AD Facts and Figures, 2021). It is becoming more common to report Alzheimer’s Disease as an underlying cause of death.

All of this is to say, there is an urgent need for services related to the care and management of Alzheimer’s Disease. Quality homecare professionals are already in high demand today and this demand will only grow in the coming years. Proper training and tools supporting the caregivers that devote their time to those living with Alzheimer’s Disease are the key to supporting the aging American population.

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